Based on the food and drink industry, adhering to the re-quality, grasping services, plastic image to the concept of social return,
from the selection of raw materials began to strict checks, supplier, all have national QS standards

Jinxiu Tianfu, renjiedeling. Chengdu restaurant is located in Chengdu Wenjiang sixth Aunt Wang Hao industrial park. Company since its inception, based on on the characteristics of the food and beverage industry, adhering to the quality, service, to the image of the concept of social return plastic, the choice of raw materials from the beginning is strict, the supplier has the national QS standard, raw green health, production link full implementation of the national health standards, products by laboratory repeated inspection, inspection after passing by the company unified distribution to the franchise, standardize the quality and taste of the shop, and truly realize the industrialized production, business operation after, set up a franchise center, production department, logistics department and other departments, to form a unified Chuanchuan Xiang to join the Advisory, Chuanchuan Xiang bottom material production and logistics and distribution system.
One side of water and soil, the achievements of one party food. Six Shiva Chuanchuan Xiang inherited the hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant taste of traditional at the same time, combined with medicine and health principle, solve the traditional hot pot is easy to get angry, gastrointestinal discomfort, dry throat, etc., and create a delicious and healthy bottom material and characteristics of dry dish. In addition, combined with the Chengdu diners taste, two food essence, artfully introduced piece waist, belly crisp, asparagus, Jun, tender beef dishes, and by a waiter for customers personally the hot system, dishes taste authentic authentic guarenteed. Six Shiva the initiative, the traditional beauty of Leshan food with a new look, show enjoy the pursuit of food in front of consumers and spread the millennium of Sichuan food culture and inherit, development, and promote the.
With the skills to promote food, with the service delivery of happiness. Six Shiva company on a regular basis for staff to provide professional training, continuous full range enhance staff professionalism and service skills, to allow consumers to enjoy cheap and delicious at the same time, a detailed and thoughtful, high-quality services, will be six Shiva quality, prices for better image rooted in the hearts of the diners.
Six Shiva Chuanchuan Xiang from the original street shops, after a short period of two years, the development of a now has more than 600 stores industrial production and business operation catering chain enterprises. Six Shiva, food and Beverage Co., Ltd. its unique business model, solid technical research and development capabilities and advanced management concept won the recognition and favor of the market and the vast number of consumers, the rapid expansion of the scale of the business, operating efficiency of sustained and stable increase is on average every two days to open a franchise of speed rapid development, became one of the domestic development in recent years of catering chain enterprises.
Companies adhering to the "win-win situation," the concept of cooperation, is willing to work with the vast number of partners to form a close partner, to join hands in creating a better future.

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