「Liupo brand 」


   One side of water and soil, the achievements of one party food. Six Shiva Chuanchuan Xiang inherited the hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant taste of traditional at the same time, combined with medicine and health principle, solve the traditional hot pot is easy to get angry, gastrointestinal discomfort, dry throat, etc., and create a delicious and healthy bottom material and characteristics of dry dish. In addition, combined with the Chengdu diners taste, two food essence, artfully introduced piece waist, belly crisp, asparagus, Jun, tender beef dishes, and by a waiter for customers personally the hot system, dishes taste authentic authentic guarenteed. Six Shiva the initiative, the traditional Leshan food with a brand-new appearance, showing enjoy the pursuit of food in front of consumers, the spread of the millennium of Sichuan food culture inherit, development, and promote the.