Based on the food and drink industry, adhering to the re-quality, grasping services, plastic image to the concept of social return,
from the selection of raw materials began to strict checks, supplier, all have national QS standards

01 Operational Support
1, authorize the use of six woman string of incenses brand identity.
2, six woman string of incenses placing special hot pot ingredients, condiments and other business necessities like.
3, provide on-site training and job functions Houchu skills training.
4, Project Manager on-site support and technical training.
5, to provide marketing support program planning.
6, to provide business solutions to a problem with the actual technical support.

02 joining support
1, "Liupo Chuanchuan brand image VI system data."
2, six woman string of incenses work service guide.
3, six woman string of incenses sell books and CD-ROM
4. Recommendations store design, store layout plan.
5, guiding logistics picking list.

03 design and decoration support
1, pre-opening visit the headquarters staff to provide advice and interior design store layout artwork.
2, the overall decoration support programs.
3, before the opening to provide full decoration suggestions and reference, the reference price decoration.


04 guidance and training support
1, pre-opening and opening period the company sent to assist project managers in store management for 15 days, subject to extension apply to the company in advance.
2, before the opening of each service job responsibilities and process training.
3, on a regular basis for the franchise stores provide excellent business plan and marketing plan, the headquarters of newly developed products and technological achievements.

05 Store Support Site
1, to help franchisees ScS shop site.
2, the area district analysis, store planning, store water and electricity use evaluation.
3, the region's market analysis.
4, analysis of local consumer habits and tastes.
5, the regional peer competition analysis and practical business strategy recommendations.

06 Sales Marketing Support
1, opening marketing campaign design and planning.
2, the program of activities throughout the year holiday marketing guidance.
3, various preferential cards, the various sections of the manuscript Day poster design.
4, a full range VI application support, and regularly update, upgrade VI applications.

07 logistics support
1, an essential pre-opening article distribution.
2, special pot bottom material distribution, exclusive distribution condiment.
3, special cutlery and distribution.
4, special materials and distribution of ingredients

08 Other Operations Support
1, during operation, the headquarters provides guidance to the shop.
2, operational headquarters operations throughout the difficult problems one guidance and assistance.

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